Dane Cook’s Joke About Vanessa Hudgens Edited Out Of TCAs

As we predicted yesterday, the controversial clip where Dane Cook calls out Vanessa Hudgens for her second set of nude camera-phone pics was edited out of last night’s Teen Choice Awards, which aired on Fox. 

Before presenting the award for “Choice Hottie” on Sunday night where the show was being pre-recorded, Dane decided to “say what everyone in the room was thinking.”

He told the 20-year-old Disney star, “Girl, you gots to keep your clothes! Phones are for phone calls, girl.”

After the show on Sunday, Cook told Access Hollywood that the joke was a last-minute addition to his segment. “That’s the best part about being a comic when you go, ‘Maybe I can say the thing that everybody is kind of feeling and nobody [is saying].’ The elephant in the room moment. So, I’ll take it, I’ll take the hit. It’s okay.”

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