Chace Crawford Is Getting Buff for Footloose

Good news, ladies; there’s more of Chace Crawford to love these days.

The Gossip Girl dude took time out at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday to tell MTV about the “intense” training regimen for his upcoming starring role in the Footloose remake.

“I’m getting muscles that I didn’t even know were there worked out,” Crawford says.

Ooh, delightful…

As for the remake itself, Crawford promises some contemporary twists on the 1984 original, which cast Kevin Bacon as a big-city transplant to a small town in which dancing and rock music have been banned.

“It’s a modern adaptation,” Crawford reveals. “[Erin Brockovich writer] Susannah Grant adapted it, and she’s amazing. It’s gonna be different, but they’ve also got nice moments woven in there from the original; some of the other stuff is cut out.”

But, uh, Kenny Loggins will still be performing the theme song, right? Pretty-please?

Let us know in the comments section: Do you think Chace Crawford has the chops for the Footloose remake?