Demi Lovato, Future Author?

With a white-hot music career and ever-growing acting résumé, Demi Lovato would seem to have enough on her plate these days.

But the Here We Go Again songbird reveals to Buzznet that she has ambitions to enter into yet another field: writing.

Answering fans from questions, Lovato—who’s admitted to being a victim of bullying in the past—reveals that she wants to pen a tome to help young people who find themselves in a similar plight.

“I’d really like to put all my thoughts and advice into a book to share with my fans,” Lovato says.

But that’s not all that Lovato reveals. Asked about the artists who have inspired her, Demi reiterated her profound admiration of Kelly Clarkson, and added two more artists to her list of muses: Christina Aguilera and Paramore singer Hayley Williams.

“I was inspired by people who followed their dreams and made it,” Lovato explains.

Well, we suppose that’s better than drawing inspiration from people who fail to fulfill their dreams. 

Do you think Lovato would make a good collaborator with Clarkson, Aguilera or Williams? Let us know in the comments section!

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