Kellan Lutz and AnnaLynne McCord Split Up

Though they might have done their best to keep their relationship a secret, the word is getting out about their breakup—Kellan Lutz and AnnaLynne McCord are no longer a couple.

E! Online reports that the 90210 vamp and the Twilight hunk have called it quits—or, rather, McCord decided to kick Kellan’s keister to the curb.

“She broke up with him,” an insider spills. “He wasn’t a good boyfriend.”

How so? Well, the Lutzter apparently swapped spit with another female over New Year’s Eve, and while the source says that McCord “forgave him,” Lutz made a second boo-boo by stiffing AnnaLynne on her birthday (which falls on July 16).

“He showed up at her house with flowers and took her to dinner, but that was it,” says the source. “No gift.”

Geez, doesn’t the guy make enough from the Twilight franchise to pony up for a present?

Apparently, while Lutz tried to patch things up with a romantic getaway in Santa Monica, the damage had been done.

Oh, well. We’re sure he’ll find someone to comfort him.

Let us know in the comments section: Who do you think Kellan and AnnaLyne should hook up with next?