Kelly Clarkson Couldn’t Date a Celeb

Kelly Clarkson may have an amazing voice and millions of fans, but there’s one thing she can’t seem to find—the right guy.

The Idol alum talked to Sirius XM’s The Morning Mashup today about the difficulties of meeting a man in her profession. “I’m not dating anyone. I just had this conversation with my girlfriends out on the road, my backup singers. We’re all single, and all the men are married,” says Clarkson.

She continues, “We don’t ever meet anyone ‘cause we’re constantly around married men. And you’re always working. So, I don’t even know how I’m ever going to meet anyone, unless they’re a mic tech, or a guitar tech.”

Even if she did meet a celeb that she was interested in, Clarkson admits that she would be wary about getting involved.

“I don’t know if I could go out with a celebrity. I’d rather have someone that’s, I don’t know, an accountant. I don’t know, a normal job. I love my job, but I like having my separate life. But you can’t help who you fall in love with, so I don’t know who I will end up with.”

Kel was also asked for her opinion on Paula Abdul’s decision to leave American Idol. Her thoughts? It’s fake.

“Are they trying to do that for drama? I totally think they’re doing that for drama,” Kelly says. “I know those producers—they’re doing that for drama. She’s totally probably going to come back.”