Mila Kunis Is Details-Oriented

Mila Kunis Is Details-Oriented-photo

Mila Kunis brightens up the pages of Details magazine's latest issue, talking about her boisterous personality, her distaste for living in the past and her ultimate destination in the afterlife. Read on for the juicier nuggets.

On inane interview questions: "Yesterday a woman asked me, 'So! Was [former That '70s show co-star] Ashton [Kutcher] a prankster on set?' I went, 'Oh my God. For real?' That's when I know the interview's going sour—when they ask me what it was like kissing Kutcher. The show's been off the air for four years. It's just no longer cute or funny."

On her former "addiction" to the video game World of Warcraft: "[During meet-ups with her friends in the real world] "I'd be like, 'Okay, are we done yet? Because I've gotta go home. Like, I really gotta go.'"

On her easy-going nature: "It takes a lot to offend me. I mean, I'm sensitive to certain things. I haven't figured them out yet. But I'm sure they're there."

On what the Man Upstairs probably thinks of her participation in the raunchy animated series Family Guy: "I'm going to hell so fast. Like, on an escalator. It's going to be a straight shot. There's not even going to be a stop in limbo."



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    Holy crap, that's one of the best comments I've ever read. I hillariously feel your pain.

  • stallown3d

    Whenever I see her in films and television my pants-dragon starts to get aroused... but then I remember that she's practically engaged to Macaulay Culkin and I have to punch myself in the testicles to make it go away.