Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt Go Into TMI Overload

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt just can’t stop sharing with the public!

The Hills baddies dispense far too much information about their fabulous sex life in the September 2009 Playboy, which happens to sport a grime-encrusted, bikini-clad Montag on the cover.

After boasting that she experiences a mind-blowing 20 to 30 orgasms a day with her darling hubby Spencer, Montag goes on to detail just how much Pratt has enhanced her sex life.

“Before you, sex was just something that happened,” Montag gushes to her spouse. “Now it’s something I look forward to every minute of the day.”

Montag continues, “It makes me happy to see you happy. Like when we do it in the car.”

But wait; pop a Pepto-Bismol and read on, there’s more. Apparently, Speidi became proud members of the Mile-High Club on New Year’s Eve, and of course they have to dish the deets on that experience.

“That was maybe the best experience I’ve ever had in my entire life…getting to fulfil the fantasy of all fantasies,” Pratt enthuses. “The hardest part was, like, keeping quiet so the pilots wouldn’t come back.”

Excuse us, we’re experiencing a bit of air sickness.

Let us know in the comments section: Should Heidi and Spencer work a little harder to keep their private life, you know, private?