PHOTO GALLERY: New Eclipse Castmates Bond

Hey, when you're the new kids in school, you have to stick together.

Eclipse newbies Bryce Dallas Howard (who's replacing Rachelle Lefevre as Victoria in the Twilight sequel) and Xavier Samuel (who's coming on board as Riley) were spotted bonding on Wednesday as they left their hotel in Vancouver to work on the film.

Check out our photo gallery of the two and let us know in the comments section: Do you think Bryce and Xavier are destined for the same level of stardom as Rob, Kristen and Taylor?



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  • twilighterh

    ewww shes so ugly!

  • twilighter

    she looks ugly fator pregnanyt

  • CuteGRl29

    SHe'S PaLE EnougH To Be A VAmpiRE

  • ourtrfore

    she's sooo white SOSOSOSO WHITE like really.. she does look like a vampire.. i mean i liked rachelle but WHATEVER! awesome skin*_*

  • furegi


  • Kellie

    SHUT THE f*ck UP ABOUT THE RECASTING RACHELLE WAS ANNOYING ANYWAY!!! Well u need to shut the f*ck up bc ur just as annoying...

  • :(

    OMFG im so mad that shes going to be victorya really Rachelle was great and i cant picture anyone else playing victoria :(:((:(:(:(:(:((:(

  • nia

    o god she is white!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • amy


  • JML

    If your gonna recast someone, why not Kristen? She can't act, she looks like a druggie and she does nothing to promote the films Whenever she's at any kind of publicity 'function' she looks like she'd rather be outside smoking a joint. She takes no pride in her appearance. I recall reading that she didn't go tothe Oscars coz she didn't think the film (Twilight) was worthy enough?! WTF? She's not that good.

  • britt

    1) she does not look like she could have the edge the rachelle brought to victoria 2) i hate character changes in movies... but since i love twilight so much i am going to try my hardest not to let this affect my view of the movie... but that will be hard considering the fact that i'm a bit bitter about the fact the she didn't want the part when it was offered to her for the first movie. what now that she sees how much of a succes twilight is she'll take it???

  • Anna

    WOW...I expected to get eaten alive for my comment:) Thanks Mari and Mags! At least there are three of us out there who are ready for the change (I'm sure there are more!).

  • dddddddd

    this is like ridiculous.. why recast her.. should maybe make a deal with her I mean fans don't want to see victoria change into another victoria.. she just wants the money! didn't even want to be it in the first place. f*ck her

  • Thelisa Lauwers
    Thelisa Lauwers

    No offence Bruce but Rachelle is just the PERFECT Victoria I dont even know if you can play her half that good as Rachelle!

  • elle

    i like her, i think she looks better as victoria. the guy with her looks the one plays dimitri

  • Mags

    And we're 3! Also love the amazing Rachelle!!!! But... I REALLY wanna see Bryce as Victoria... Her face is just perfect, her hair is STUNNING, her eyes are SOOOOOOOO deep!!!!!!! I'm really looking forward...

  • Elva Martinez
    Elva Martinez

    shes better

  • Mari

    I completely agree with you, Anna. It's a similar situation as the White Witch in Narnia, for example. She's not meant to be drop-dead gorgeous. Just intimidating and ethereal. I definitely think Bryce is beautiful. So is Rachelle. But Rachelle just isn't scary.

  • paree

    WHAT! is she the new VICTORIA :S ?

  • lizbizz11

    No, but he just impregnated her about 5 minutes before these photos were taken. Notice that smirk on her face? That's the smirk of a newly knocked-up woman.Well, either that, or she might have gas. hahahaha laughed my ass off reading that!!!

  • New Moon
    New Moon

    Bryce looks good

  • bethanypattinson

    give us some robsten pics instead Completely Agree!

  • Anna

    Please don't bite my head off, but I'm excited about the change. Rachelle is beautiful, but Victoria is supposed to be scary! I never got that from Rachelle. Victoria is a formidable enemy and Rachelle didn't bring that terror for me. Bryce has an unearthly look to her, which fits Victoria and I hope she can bring that edge that Rachelle couldn't. The hair is AWESOME, by the way:)

  • Anna

    LOVE her hair! I'm excited to see what she brings to the role! The guy look a bit like Chris Pine, don't ya think?

  • anna

    give us some robsten pics instead

  • Mary

    YUK YUK YUK. Bring back Rachelle LeFevre.

  • noah

    is she pregnant? No, but he just impregnated her about 5 minutes before these photos were taken. Notice that smirk on her face? That's the smirk of a newly knocked-up woman. Well, either that, or she might have gas.

  • Camille

    is she pregnant?