Vanessa Hudgens Wants a Little Piece of Janis Joplin

Vanessa Hudgens Wants a Little Piece of Janis Joplin-photo

With her own musical career in meteoric ascent, one wouldn't think that Vanessa Hudgens would feel the need to draw inspiration from other songbirds.

But one would be wrong.

Hudgens tells MTV that she's really hoping to play "Piece of My Heart" belter Janis Joplin biopic. Apparently, the idea came to her while filming the upcoming Beauty and the Beast interpretation Beastly.

"In Beastly, there's a Halloween party, and it's kind of a high school Halloween party. All the girls are dressed up as sl--s, and my character comes in as Janis Joplin," Hudgens says.  "I would not stop listening to her music [after that], and I think she's so incredible. I know I don't look much like her, but you can always hope, right?"

Given that Joplin was voted Ugliest Man on Campus while attending the University of Texas, Hudgens should probably be happy that there's not much of a resemblance.

Hudgie Bear has some stiff competition in the wanna-be Janis department. Over the years, a number of stars, including Pink, Zooey Deschanel and Renee Zellweger, have been up for the part, but none of the projects have come to fruition.

Let us know in the comments section: Do you think Vanessa Hudgens could pull off the role of Janis Joplin?



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  • Davide

    needed here

  • tea

    excuse me van-essa hudgens, you keep the name of Janice Joplin out of your mouth you second-rate disney "actress" Janis

  • Mo

    excuse me van-essa hudgens, you keep the name of Janice Joplin out of your mouth you second-rate disney "actress"

  • alex

    If she thinks she can actually do justice to a Janis Joplin song, than she should go drown herself. There's no way she could sing with the rasp that janis had. She'd have to drink a Lot of southern comfort to get 1/3 of a voice that Jani had. And if she really wants to be like Janis, she should start taking heroine and die in the same way.

  • Paula

    Well, I think not. It may be fun, but I think that René Zellweger would do it better or maybe Zoey Deschannel. Janis needs more level than Vanessa, and I'm a real Janis fan.

  • arielle

    i love you vanessa

  • justme

    No. Janis Joplin is a legend. She deserves to be played by someone more worthy.

  • Muser

    "All the girls are dressed up as sl--s" ... Considering this new wave of pictures that have hit the internet I would have to say, and very assertively I might add: "It takes one to know one".

  • Dee

    She can dream but lord no! Janis Joplin is a rock legend someone like Dana Fuchs could easily pull it off. Not this chick who sounds like a chipmunk when she sings. I don't even buy Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett, I nearly cried when I heard she was cast.

  • vanessaluver

    gosh what some haters. let her dream all she wants it's her life!!

  • GodDamnDisneyKids

    leave Janis Joplin with her dignity!

  • reneelucky7

    When casting a role as a hardcore drug using hippy-blues-rock icon- no Disney actor or singer could come close to playing the part.

  • javi

    i don't see her as janis i see demi lovato because she's a real singer or any other chick from disney including there resident stripper.

  • reneelucky7

    She doesn't even look like Janis Joplin. She just wants to copy Kristen because she is playing a rocker. But the thing is- is that Kristen actually looks like the person she is playing, and she has a attitude to match- so it works. But Vanessa playing Joplin would be like a Chris Brown playing Jimi Hendrix- it just doesn't work, and doesn't make any sense.

  • noah

    She looks like a frumpy stegosaurus in this photo. Rawr.

  • reneelucky7

    Now do like Janis Joplin and go smoke some weed and chill out.