Victoria Beckham To Become Permanent Judge On 'Idol'?

Victoria Beckham To Become Permanent Judge On 'Idol'?-photo

Victoria Beckham fans were happy when news hit last week that the former Spice Girls singer would be filling in as a temporary fourth judge on American Idol.

She even told Ryan Seacrest that she wanted to play the supportive judge role, like the recently departed Paula Abdul had. "I want to be nice to people. I know how it feels to stand there and be judged...I don't want to shatter anybody's dream, but at the same time there's nothing wrong with constructive criticism."

Now, it seems as though her judging style worked at last Friday's auditions in Denver, as she has just arrived in Boston for callbacks. Could this "temporary" thing be much more?

Not according to Beckham's reps, who told Extra: "There are no talks of her being a permanent judge. They felt she was natural in Denver. She has fashion week coming up and she is focusing on that."

Would you like to see Victoria as a permanent judge? Share your thoughts in the comments!



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  • maeleijo

    If they can afford a multimillionairess why can't they give Paula what she asks for? Paula's salary of 3.5M is a joke!

  • lisa

    rumors are that paula is back into talks and maybe fox is throwing this posh rumor out to scare paula into finally signing.

  • haha

    sure if they wanna turn Idol into a joke. then lets hire somebody who had a 1 year career 12 years ago and whose solo career bombed. even william hung outsold her. so the answer is: NO. lol. Im still hoping paula will get smart and return. she seemed awfully happy yesterday...