Chris Brown: Apologizing in Song Form Now?

Chris Brown: Apologizing in Song Form Now?-photo

Chris Brown is apparently working overtime to rehabilitate his image.

First the "Run It" singer—who pleaded guilty to beating his ex-girlfriend Rihanna in June—issued an awkward, cringe-inducing video apology.

And now, Brown has purportedly taken to groveling for forgiveness in a new tune.

The name of the song? "Changed Man." The theme? He's really, really sorry, and he's ready to turn over a new leaf.

No word from Brown's camp on the authenticity of the track, but check out the song and decide for yourself.

Let us know in the comments section: Can Chris Brown stop apologizing now, or does he owe everyone a whole new apology for this song?



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  • chrisbrownluver4ever

    chris u r the best boyfriend ever i looooooooooove u and ur lyrics i think r wrong cuz u said " everybody hates chris " we love u chris and that **** rihanna is totally stupid , chris u deserve better love u

  • chrihanna fan
    chrihanna fan

    misssed them soooo bad chrihanna forever

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  • pooh

    he dont owe dizz people sh*t he didnt beat dem..i still luv chris he could have killed her and i still would have luved him

  • kenza

    Awww, that song is sweet! He made a mistake and people should start learning to forgive. Yeah, he made a bad decision that night with Rihanna but you can't hate him forever, she's fine now. I hope he does make a comeback.

  • Awhitman

    Once a abusive, always abusive. He looks like Joe Jackson in these pics. Also -- didn't he get the memo? Autotune is dead.

  • sometimestheycallme

    i love this song.