Omarosa Is Getting Right With God

Oh, lord, what is this all about?

Us Magazine reports that Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth, the famously combative contestant from The Apprentice, has done a big-time switcheroo and will be undergoing ministry studies at the United Theological Seminary in Ohio.

According to Ivan Hicks, the associate dean of African-American studies at the seminary, Manigault-Stallworth will undergo a two-year course of study in pursuit of a doctor of ministry degree.

“She has expressed a calling in her life and it is our opportunity to provide leadership and guidance as she makes a transformation,” Hicks says. “We’re excited about her coming to school at UTS.”

And what of Omarosa’s reality-TV reputation as an unholy terror? Hicks believes that might actually serve as an asset in her calling.

“Some of the good things and bad things we’ve done in our lives help us to actually relate and to be more widely accepted as a minister,” he says.

Can we get an amen? Let us know in the comments section: Would you attend a church where Omarosa is the minister?

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