Pete Wentz Offers Advice On Nude Photo Scandals

Pete Wentz Offers Advice On Nude Photo Scandals-photo

Hey, Ashley Greene and Vanessa Hudgens, are you listening? Cuz Pete Wentz has something to say to you!

In a recent interview with MTV, the Fall Out Boy bass player offers some words of wisdom to the two young actresses who have both had recent nude photos leaked to the Internet.

And he should know, since he had his own set of in-the-buff pics leaked onto the Internet back in 2006 after someone hacked into his Sidekick.

"Well, I handled it pretty terribly for the first 48 hours," Wentz said. "I mean, I quit my band and everything. But then what I realized is that it's not the worst thing on the planet that's ever gonna happen. [I] apologized to my mom, realized that the best way to not have pictures on the Internet is to never take the pictures at all, and then made fun of it. I mean, I didn't put those pictures out there myself. It wasn't some ploy, you know, like, 'Yeah, this'll be a way I'll get my band big!' We made fun of it in the 'Arms Race' video. And just get over it."

The best way to get over the embarrassment, in his own experience? Laugh it off.

"I got asked about it in interviews for a while after that, and then I guess it didn't matter," he continued. "The bigger deal you make of it, and the more you try to prove that it wasn't you or it was like this or that, the only people who are really going to know the story are, like, you and two other people. So, it's like, don't sit out there and make it a big deal. Let it go away."

Good advice, dude. Since we know that there will inevitably be another actor/actress on the chopping block any coming day.



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  • jen

    eh, it's a penis. it could have been worse.

  • lynzaa

    lol, i heard that its no "big" deal, lol Lydia on BigBrother11 said that she got the picture in an email and that it was unimpressive. an average wang.

  • elisssa

    Im not a big fan of Peter, what photos were leaked?

  • liraz

    shut up! haha who cares

  • reneelucky7

    Ewe- I don't want to see his wang.

  • jjcsdtitus

    He's got some sexy junk, that's for sure! Ashlee is one lucky lady!!