VIDEO: Michael Welch Wages War on Zits

In the Twilight movie series, Michael Welch plays mild-mannered Mike Newton, who’s engaged in a vain quest for Bella Swan’s heart.

But in real life, Welch is waging another battle altogether: The battle against acne.

In a hilarious new interview with Buzznet, Welch discusses his participation in Aczone: The Musical, a campaign to promote clear skin among the nation’s teens.

“Aczone: The Musical is a viral campaign designed to get teenagers aware of an amazing new acne treatment. We do this through song, dance, and story. I am the MC of this musical number,” explains Welch. “High school is tough enough. You don’t need terrible acne problems on top of everything else. It’s pretty ironic that we go through our ‘awkward’ phase during the time in our lives when impressing our peers is so immensely important to us. Why can’t we go through our awkward phase when we’re 80? Nobody would care! Is grandma NOT gonna get into the Bingo hall if she’s got one too many zits on her T-zone? Is Ethel’s eczema gonna prevent her from getting a seat at the Wednesday night Bridge table? I don’t think so!”

But since life is inherently unfair, Welch is doing what he can to level the playing field a little for teenagers through the power of song, dance, and pimple eradication.

“Only you have the power to determine your own happiness or misery,” Welch advises. “You get one shot at this life and I just want you to have the tools to walk with the confidence you deserve to own. If controlling your acne can help you get there, that’s all that matters.”

Spread the word, good sir. And the pimple cream.

Check out video of Welch introducing the musical, and the sure-to-be smash hit “Lovebot,” below: