Kate and Jon Gosselin Reunite!

Apparently, the nastiness that Jon and Kate Gosselin experienced on Thursday night is all water under the bridge.

As you may recall, police were called to the Gosselin home on Thursday, after Kate demanded to be let in while Jon was enjoying his visitation time with his kids. After arriving on the scene, cops assessed the situation and told Kate to vacate the premises, leaving her to spend the night at a nearby hotel.

But on Friday, the Jon & Kate Plus 8 couple were temporarily reunited as Jon prepared to head off for the weekend (and most likely into the arms of his party-girl companion, Hailey Glassman).

Though the couple mustered the civility to hug their children during the gathering, the tension they feel toward each other was evident on their faces.

Check out the pics and let us know in the comments section: At this point, is there any chance at all that Jon and Kate will reunite for good?