Catherine Hardwicke Reveals Rob Pattinson's Competition

Catherine Hardwicke Reveals Rob Pattinson's Competition-photo

It's hard to imagine Edward Cullen of Twilight as anyone but Robert Pattinson.

But, as director Catherine Hardwicke revealed at the Twilight Lexicon in Phoenix, AZ, he was up against three other extremely attractive men for the role!

Hardwicke spilled "that the 4 finalists (who she called bachelor 1, 2, 3, 4) for the part of Edward Cullen were [Robert Pattinson,] Jackson Rathbone, Ben Barnes, and Shiloh Fernandez. She said to watch for Shiloh because she predicts that he’s going places."

As we all know, Jackson did make it into the flick and as a member of the Cullen clan.

Which of these actors could you imagine as Edward Cullen, if any? Dish your thoughts below!



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  • DimiriBelikov

    That would REALLY suck if Ben Barnes played Edward Cullen, becuase of all the girls now obssesing over the series Vampire Academy and well he's the "perfect" actor for "dimitri Belikov"(becuase of his long brown hair and brown eyes), and that would be weird if he played Two different vampires in two different series (im not saying he IS going to play in Vampire academy he's just perfect for the role :-D). Go Ben Barnes AKaA Dimitri Belikov!!!. Tip: Search up Dimirti Belikov on google, Ben Barnes is everywhere.

  • royalrub8erduck

    BEN BARNES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE HIM!! He's A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

  • orii

    ROB is the LOVE OF MY LIFE, but i think shiloh is very hot, he has this mix of rob patz and ed westwick that i fin amazing!

  • LAG

    I find it funny that some people are saying that they couldn't imagine anybody else as EC and that he's perfect for the role when wasn't there an online petition with more than 700,000 signatures to get somebody else to play EC.

  • robsten all the way
    robsten all the way

    should hv say it like b4 the movie. now that everyone seen the flawless face of rob nobody hv anymore hearts 4 the others

  • yell

    ROBERT ofcourse.

  • dabby

    robert is perfect for me as 2nd choice lol!kristen has a perfect taste to choose rob as her edward..very good girl :)

  • twilighter001

    Robert pattinson was the right choiceee(Y) hesss bereee sexiii

  • dejccu

    I really can't imagine twilight sagas without robert.. he's the perfect guy for it.

  • naree

    Rob perfect "Edward Cullen" Only Rob.....

  • edward1901

    Ben Barnes he i s gorgeus!!! NO!!!!! Ugh! Him+pale just doesn't add up

  • edward1901

    ONLY ROB!!!!!! I mean that is a silly question! And Jackson is great as Jasper!! NO DUH!!!!!!!!!

  • emmaxoxo

    ben and shiloh are pretty hot, but i think ive gotta give it to rob on this one....and as for jackson, wtf?

  • kristenfierce

    Wow Im glad rob was choosen instead

  • LS


  • ssteph

    no one is edward, even robert, but he's the best :D

  • katrina

    Rob. im not saying rob because he played edward in the 1st film...or because im a big fan...the reason i chose him is cuz i cant pick any1 to play him! sorry, but catherine and kristen made a VERY good choice 4 rob to play the part! jackson is PERFECT for jasper but it hink is new moon his hail shouldve been blonder because in the 1st movie hes blonder and in the book hes honey-blonde. I think the cast is perfect but it irritates me that alice is suppose to be 4'10 and ashley is like 5'5 but her acting is AMAZING! and taylor is hot!~ lols

  • savrey

    henry cavill is the perfect edward....too bad he's already 26 y.o.

  • Carlota Martinho
    Carlota Martinho

    I think Shiloh Fernandez wouldn't be a good choice... But Jackson Rathbone has really a vampire face, and, as you know, he became a Cullen too so... Oh, Ben Barnes could be as well, Edward, but he wouldn't be has perfect Robert is or Jackson would be.

  • me

    they had frickin ben barnes and they chose rob?!?!??! lmao....

  • georgie

    what thet hell is wrong with catherine hardwick?!!! is she trying to get more attention by deliberately dropping all this comments about how when kristen and rob met there was some sexual tension and fascination for one another (ok, don't you just want to say 'rob had a boner and kristen was wet') and now thiiiiiissss? i mean, poor's like, kristen always refer to the other "3" guys as the ones that really din't play it that well and they tried to appear in a way it wasn't.....HELLO!!!! i always wanted to know this, but i think it's just a little too much there catherine.

  • TR

    that can play edward LOL HAHAAA

  • TR

    nooooooooo of courseeee rober he is so hott i love him there is nobody else that can play robert like he does I LOVE YOU ROBERT PATTINSON HAHAAA

  • Amanda Rumm
    Amanda Rumm

    Jackson Rathbone is much better suited for the part of Jasper. Shiloh Fernandez doesn't look the part to me much at all. His bone structure and facial features are all wrong. Ben Barnes might have been able to do it pretty well, but the fact that I've already seen him as Prince Caspian in Narnia might have made it harder for me to take him seriously as Edward. I might have been stuck with that image. The only reason Robert Pattinson's role as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter never interfered is because he looks so much different as Edward; he talks in an American accent; uses a lower, slower voice; acts much more somber; and is much older than he was then. But yeah, I like Rob as Edward.

  • ibeme

    they all have that pulled back scruffy hair look and i vote Shiloh Fernandez RPatz isnt really that good looking he smokes ewww he looked better as cedric diegorey

  • @benedicteba - twitter
    @benedicteba - twitter

    Rob chould keep the role as Edward! If they change now, everything will be corrupted!! Twitter: @BenedicteBa

  • danielle

    Well i thought Ben would be a great Edward too. He was my personal Edward when i read the book . But the movie came out and it was so disappointing, faded and I am glad than Rob gots the part.

  • anna

    I LOVE Jackson as Jasper, he is tho much sexier then Robert so I think he would have played Edward well. that pic you show of Jackson does not do him justice

  • cristina

    Ben Barnes would be a better Edward than Robert.

  • Leyla

    Ben Barnes definitely. Rob looks ridiculous as Edward.

  • lizziecullen

    Can't imagine anyone other than Robert Pattinson playing Edward Cullen. Not only is he as beautiful as described in the book, but I would be surprised that anyone else could channel the anguish portrayed by his character. Robert studied and understood his character and that is why we all fell in love with him as Edward Cullen.

  • me

    All of them are ugly except for Ben Barnes.

  • Sharon

    Shiloh Fernandez

  • tawmie

    mmmmmmm Ben Barnes! He would have been good too. Though I got to admit, I was hopping for some undiscovered talent when I first heard there was going to be a Twilight movie.

  • twimom

    What is up with Catherine? Since she's not directing this saga anymore, she keeps adding her two cents worth on various topics. Is it her way of keeping her name associated with the franchise? I thought she did a horrible job on twilight and I'm glad they have other directors for NM and Eclipse. I hope the writing is better two in NM and Eclipse. Get on with life Catherine. Your twilight days are over

  • Lilly

    Nobody Only Robert Pattinson! He is just perfect ...

  • ...

    Ben Barnes, definitely!

  • maya

    ben barnes would be sooo much cuter and better,... He's perfect! Before there was an image of rob in my mind i always thougt of edward with more of ben's features,... This guy looks like a moron! But he is cute with dark eyes, i must say that!

  • twilightobsessed


  • hypa

    I wanted Hayden Christensen playing Edward, it would be perfect for the aspect, but really he can't act. So Robert it's much better

  • tusks

    Totally!! Ben Barnes looks like the perfect Edward to me!

  • EB

    Edward Cullen = Ben Barnes he's much better!!!

  • kate

    did kristen kiss these three guys in the casting?...mmmm...yummy! !

  • Marie

    Ben Barnes is Gorgeus indeed, he is much hotter than Pattinson..Pattinson looks like a girl..and, ratbone? kidding right? that dude is horrible!

  • anna

    Shiloh Fernandez, where is he from? his last name is spanish, latino?


    Rob was the BEST and ONLY choice!

  • huhuuu

    just robert. he is perfect for edward.

  • Phoebe

    only ROB!!! Rathbone is better as Jasper, as everyone see ^^

  • classy

    r u kiddinG??????There's no0ne like r0b....he's the beSt!!!

  • CK

    None of those guys would be better "Edwards" than Robert Pattinson. Besides, Kristen had chose him, remember?

  • obsessed

    ROB IS PERFECT ! lol i didnt know jackson was up for the role of edward cullen ... that would be funny to watch

  • mimi

    i can´t inmagine anyone beside Robert Pattinson he is so hot

  • Nikki_Vu

    None of 2 above can play role as good as Rob, they are not handsome and suit for the role. I don't think it's good idea and it seems that this is an old news (may be at the beginning of first twilight series) b-)

  • fabbzpattz

    hahaha...jackson was gonna play cant imagine it...hes a better jasper...robert is perfect!

  • ligiaryan

    Ben Barnes he i s gorgeus!!!

  • naylah

    we all say Rob because we're used to see him as edward cullen !!!! but I think that I would chose Ben Barnes, depends on what he looks like with the whole edward cullen make up and clothes!!! Rob wears them perfectly!!! and jackson rathbone is a perfect jasper,quite short but perfect !!! I think that shiloh should have been picked to play Mike.

  • bethanypattinson

    Rob Definitely!!!!

  • lahe27

    Rob! No one else! I cant see anybody being Edward Cullen but Rob!

  • mimi

    robert of course !!!, no one can play edward cullen perfectly as rob does

  • Love Rob
    Love Rob

    rob = Edward Cullen..... just perfect

  • evita1500

    Shiloh Fernandez is ..... he looks like a girl.... Rob all the way!

  • meive

    Shiloh Fernandez

  • katewood22

    well i don't think there is any competition rob's just perfect..

  • avika

    Ben Barnes!