Jon Gosselin Gets No Hardy Endorsement From TLC

Jon Gosselin Gets No Hardy Endorsement From TLC-photo

Things are getting blurrier for Jon Gosselin—and not just because of his increasingly complicated love life.

Radar Online reports that TLC, the network that carries Jon & Kate Plus 8, has decided to blur all brand logos that Gosselin wears on the show. And yes, that includes his precious Ed Hardy clothing.

Jon & Kate Plus 8 viewers might have noticed the blurring on last week's episode, and now the execs have decided to make it permanent.


Apparently, the bigwigs at TLC felt that Gosselin was exploiting his place on the show to pimp his favorite brand—which is particularly distasteful, in light of recent rumors that Gosselin has been trying to strike a designing deal with Ed Hardy.

"The relationship between Jon and the network has become very strained," says a source. "TLC feels like they are being used by Jon."

Used by Jon Gosselin? Join the club, kiddies.

Still, the guy has eight hungry mouths to feed, and could probably use the extra work that a clothing-designing gig would bring in.

Let us know in the comments section: Should Jon Gosselin be allowed to flaunt his Ed Hardy pride unblurred?



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  • they both are greedy
    they both are greedy

    get rid of both of them. they are exploiting their kids

  • Vanessa

    Det rid of Jon!! Keep Kate

  • KA

    Who cares those shirts are FUGLY!! What a douche bag

  • Olive

    ED HARDY should be banned everywhere!!!!

  • Camille

    "TLC feels like they are being used by Jon." : as opposed to using him, which is apparently the right thing to do...

  • yim

    Jody.....out to make millions without having to work for it? Kinda like this reality show deal that both parents signed up for? To make money without really having to work for it? So aren't both at fault?

  • bride

    TLC has the right to do this jon is such a #$@%

  • Jody

    Heck no! He's slime and out to make millions without having to work for it. Kate's what makes that show! Let Jon seek his fame in the tabloids - or on Jerry Springer cuz that's all he's good for!

  • Deb

    Ed Hardy crap should be banned on the show.