Kendra Wilkinson Is So Busted!

Kendra Wilkinson Is So Busted!-photo

And no, that's not a reference to her obvious physical endowment.

Pregnant former Girls Next Door girl Kendra Wilkinson took in a pre-season game to see her new hubby, Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Hank Baskett, face off against the New England Patriots last week, and aside from exhibiting her obvious team loyalty with her apparel, she decided to do a little play-acting and pretend that she'd been arrested.

"The pic above is just me playing around pretending to be handcuffed and brought to the holding cell after getting in a fight over Hank lololol," Wilkinson writes on her official Web site.

Oh, that Kendra; such a card. Besides, doesn't she know that getting arrested is the shtick of Hef's new girlfriends?



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  • CalGirl619

    Bandwagon one in SD is sorry to see this 'FAN' jump ship. See you in the Super Bowl Kendra. I will be wearing Blue and Gold

  • kenza

    Oh and her name is Kendra BASKETT now lol

  • kenza

    She is so cute! I noticed that she either took out her extensions or cut her hair. She and Hank truly look happy together.

  • jessie

    kendra I love your personality..... and i can tell u God is shining down on your life

  • cubfan09

    Kendra you are too cute!

  • bf

    haha!!@ the vick comment

  • noah

    I wonder if Michael Vick is chilling in the Eagles holding cell as well?

  • reneelucky7

    Aww, poor little blond girl- she is so cute.