Paula Abdul Won’t Be Getting ‘Ugly’

This just isn’t Paula Abdul’s day.

First her potential coworker, So You Think You Can Dance judge Mary Murphy, launched a dis-fest against the former American Idol judge.

And now, as it turns out, contrary to earlier reports, Paula won’t be guest-starring on Ugly Betty.

The Los Angeles Times reports that negotiations between Abdul and ABC, the network that carries Ugly Betty, have broken down and are past the point of repair.

Abdul would have played a temp worker who buddies up to Amanda at Mode magazine, and the episode was due to begin shooting in the coming week.

Maybe Paula followed in the path of her American Idol negotiations and demanded $10 million for the guest spot?

Further, with Abdul’s name conspicuously absent from the list of this season’s Dancing With the Stars contestants, it’s increasingly unlikely that she’ll be appearing on that show, either, as had been suggested.

Let us know in the comments section: Do you think Paula Abdul can pull herself out of this career spiral?