Preview: Selena Gomez Is "Falling Down"

Preview: Selena Gomez Is

Look out, world, a preview of Selena Gomez's new single has hit the Internet!

"Falling Down" will be the first single from Gomez's debut album, Kiss & Tell, with her band The Scene. The album hits stores on September 29.

Check out the sample and let us know in the comments section: Is Selena Gomez going places in the music business?



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  • AlrightyThen

    shes alright lol i like the lyreics and but yeh

  • Yaslin

    this song sux! demi lovato is 10 million times better Okay se does not suck and yeah maybe demi sings a little more better but she tries to do her best and she is so help her out instead of breaking her out or if u dont want to then dont say anything


    When I heard her song called Fly To Your Heart and So Magical I knew she has a great voice I'm not saying she's better than Demi (She's Awesome) but Miley seems to grow up having more deep voice (It's True). Selena Gomez is a lovely girl and I can't stand Miley Fans trying to say mean comments hear I mean I hate Miley but I just don't show up to a website about Miley and say mean comments about her NO. Look Selena has a great voice and you should listen to Fly To Your Heart I loved it and to tell you the truth when I heard her sing she had that sad voice in it (Send It On) seriously it made me cry and I don't like Disney because they always care about money but not sure about charity but ever since Selena came (Because of my sister who loves her so much) I became a major disney fan but once in my life can they just care about the childrens role model and not about fame. Selena has a sad voice in a good way and don't even think about reply because I won't read it


    WHy can't you all shutup ur not her and I love her so much


    UGH MILEY'S voice is so deep and she's trying to make it light NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN


    Who cares she has a band now she can't just quit ******

  • LOVE

    Shut up evryone I love it

  • elkqwelkejl

    love her and love her

  • anonymous

    urr...she will neveer be as good as miley and demi. ugh, selena just go..

  • fioretto

    i like Selena,but she is good actor and nothing more,her voice isn t so strong,rather weak......

  • csunny

    I just hate it when actors turn into singers. they make all this crap about how acting is true to them and their number 1 priority. Acting is my dream and i wouldn't turn into a singer in a million years because i know I'm not good at it and some people should realize that they are not good at singing. Selena Gomez is a good actress, not a good singer.

  • aqua

    the lyrics seem interesting . music is catchy..nothing gr88 to say about her vocals .. lets see wt she comes out with ...

  • ayifas

    this song sux! demi lovato is 10 million times better