SYTYCD's Mary Murphy Calls Out Paula Abdul!

SYTYCD's Mary Murphy Calls Out Paula Abdul!-photo

If Paula Abdul does end up landing a gig on So You Think You Can Dance, the fiercest competition may be coming from the judges' panel, not the dance floor.

SYTYCD judge Mary Murphy reached out to E! Online to opine that "I'm not sure America's ready" to see her and the former American Idol judge on the same show, and took a few choice swipes at Abdul while she was at it.

"There could be a catfight between me and Paula—or a dance fight!" Murphy predicted. "I know one thing for sure, I could definitely beat her at the tango, quickstep and cha-cha. She'd probably get me in hip-hop, I'd have to say."

As for who would be the better judge, Murphy didn't hesitate.

"I would be. I have to be honest, a girl knows what she's talking about," Murphy snapped back.


Let us know in the comments section: Would a Mary Murphy-Paula Abdul face-off be magic fireworks, or the start of World War III?



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  • StopScreamingMary

    I used to watch SYTYCD, but had to stop because of Mary's shreiking. If they let her go, I would start watching again. Calling Paula Abdul out underscores her insecurities; she knows all she has to offer SYTYCD is the controversy she stirs up with the tired Tamale Train comments and the high pitched screaming. Take that away and nothing is left...

  • Sara

    Mary is much more entertaining than Paula! Paula is crazy and getting beyond her bridges. What happened to being thankful for things but instead she just wants more money...a lot of money!? Paula is wacked and washed up...even if she can dance i don't like what she has to offer...Mary is fun and fresh and hilarious!

  • Curtis

    While I love Mary on SYTYCD she can't hold a candle to Paula in the dance world. Love her or hate her Paula is a fantastic choreographer and has a long and thorough history of excellent training in dance. True technical dance at that and not ballroom!! SYTYCD would be very very lucky to have Paula join them.

  • maeleijo

    Mary Murphy is annoying! I can't stand her shouts and laughs. I am sure she is just jealous of Paula. I'd rather listen to Paula than MM.

  • Elisa

    At Reneelucky, Mary is part of So you think you can dance, not Dancing with the Stars. Honestly, in all judges on TV reality, Mary Murphy is by far my favorite one! She is always accurate with the dancers, she is always nice, not matter what and...she knows what she is talking about. So if having Paula there will make her go away, I honestly don't want Paula in SYTYCD. I didn't mind Paula in American Idol but that whole money thing is starting to get on my nerves. She was getting 10 million dollars for just one year...c'mon, it's a lot of money! Mary Murphy was just being honest and I find her very secure just to admit it that yes, they would fight!

  • reneelucky7

    It sounds like Mary is extreamly jealous of Paula because right now- Paula is recieving alot of offers from hollywood. Mary views Paula as a threat to her career- that is why she is making such nasty remarks about her. Paula never went out of her way to be mean to Mary. Mary doesn't want the attention taken away from her when Paula comes on the show. If Paula does choose DWTS to either be a dancer or judge- the focus will all be on her- rating will probably go up and no one will pay Mary any attention, because she does not have the same fan base as Paula does. Mary need to grow up and stop acting like the jealous school girl at hates the new girl because the boys like her. Her remarks about Paula makes her look terribly insecure.

  • noah

    The only way I would want to see these two fight would be in a pool full of Jell-O while wearing bikinis. And even then I would probably still be bored.

  • Kim

    World War III ,, but would be interesting to se the competition between them loll!! No ! I'm Mary murphy ALL THE WAY :D