SYTYCD’s Mary Murphy Calls Out Paula Abdul!

If Paula Abdul does end up landing a gig on So You Think You Can Dance, the fiercest competition may be coming from the judges’ panel, not the dance floor.

SYTYCD judge Mary Murphy reached out to E! Online to opine that “I’m not sure America’s ready” to see her and the former American Idol judge on the same show, and took a few choice swipes at Abdul while she was at it.

“There could be a catfight between me and Paula—or a dance fight!” Murphy predicted. “I know one thing for sure, I could definitely beat her at the tango, quickstep and cha-cha. She’d probably get me in hip-hop, I’d have to say.”

As for who would be the better judge, Murphy didn’t hesitate.

“I would be. I have to be honest, a girl knows what she’s talking about,” Murphy snapped back.


Let us know in the comments section: Would a Mary Murphy-Paula Abdul face-off be magic fireworks, or the start of World War III?