Tori Spelling Wants to Make Nice With Mommy

Tori Spelling Wants to Make Nice With Mommy-photo

It's no secret that Tori Spelling's relationship with her mother Candy has been a little bit strained over the past few, uh, well, forever.

But the former 90210-er tells OK! Magazine that she's hoping to make amends with her opinionated maternal unit.

“I definitely want to reconcile with my mother, but that’s the wrong word,” Spelling asserts. “There’s nothing that really happened that made us fight. It’s just time, distance and media that have come between my mom and me.”

Uh, Tori? Nohing happened to make you fight? You are aware that Candy blamed you for your father's death, right?

Nonetheless, Spelling believes that, if she and Candy can keep from airing their dirty laundry in public, they might stand a chance at something resembling normalcy.

“I just think that as long as we both keep it private from here on out, reconciliation is imminent," Spelling theorizes. "It will totally happen and I hope that she wants that.”

But why would Spelling want to reconcile with someone who's so intently and publicly humiliated her at every turn? 

"I am proud of my kids, but I also want to make my mom proud of me," Tori admits.  "I’m still a momma’s girl at the heart of the situation."

Hmm; well, it's nice to at least know that there is a heart buried somewhere in their situation. 

Let us know in the comments section: Do you think Tori should make nice with her mother, or is she only setting herself up for further disappointment?



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  • Davide

    needed here

  • hotORnot

    Unfortunately i think that tori is setting herself up for disappointment because candy will never meet with her in private, that would take away her shine and the publicity that she craves. What tori fails to realize is that candy wants the camera on her, she wants to be a celebrity. and the only way to get that other than buying her way in is to trash her daughter in PUBLIC..Tori is only going to get hurt. Hopefully the desperate old HAG will remember what its like to be a human being and leave tori & dean kids out of it..

  • Irot  sievad
    Irot sievad

    Very few titles can be sadder than being a "motherless daughter.' That is what Tori is and has been for quite a while. Good, bad or indifferent, some mother's just plain suck as does Candy...but a mother is a mother is a mother. Tori will never be whole again until she is validated by her mom. That's just the way it is. Right is not might. And for Pete's sake, Dean mind your business. It's between Tori and her mom and she doesn't need your approval to persue the relationship...if she get's hurt she get's hurt...she's a big is NOT your place or job to "protect her from her own mom." Keep your thoughts to yourself. "I told you so" is what you said when her pain reached a feverish pitch when her mom was a NO SHOW at Stella's party. Keep your blow hole shut. You can't spend Tori's money fast enough, can you. Be grateful and shut up. You are no bargain Mr. Tatoo man.