More Details Emerge On Eric Dane Sex Tape

Yesterday, Gawker published a short clip of a supposed sex tape involving Eric Dane, wife Rebecca Gayheart, and Kari Ann Peniche (former Miss Teen USA).

In the clip, the inebriated threesome are naked, but no sex is seen. Today, more details of the alleged tryst are coming out.

Dane’s lawyer Marty Singer issued the following statement, “This is simply a private, consensual moment involving a married couple, shot several years ago, which was never intended to be seen by the public. Although the participants are nude, the tape is not a ‘sex tape.’ It is a private tape made for only my clients’ personal use, and nobody has the right to exploit it. If anyone exploits the tape, they will be violating my clients’ rights and will be exposed to significant liability.”

Peniche also claims that her former roommate Mindy McCready from Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab stole the hard drive off her computer that contained the footage. Peniche’s manager David Weintraub tells Us Weekly, this “was all done in good fun…this is not a sex tape. It’s guys having fun, hanging out together. There is no sex involved in this.”

She alleges that she never had sex with the Grey’s Anatomy star. They did play dress up and the two women did get wet together in a bathtub as Eric called “action” behind the camera, but that’s it.

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