Paula Abdul Looking to Return to Idol

Paula Abdul Looking to Return to Idol-photo

Paula Abdul is taking a hard look at returning to her American Idol judging post, which she abandoned earlier this month, MSNBC reports.

According to a source, the very high-profile—but ultimately fruitless—campaign to recruit Abdul onto ABC's Dancing With the Stars made Fox rethink Abdul's value to the singing competition.

However, Paula isn't adjusting her self-perceived value any, and is holding firm on scoring a big-money deal on a par with her Idol co-stars.

"Paula isn’t lowering her price in any meaningful way. She wants a Seacrest-level deal,” the source says. (Idol host Ryan Seacrest recently re-upped with the show for a three-year deal worth $45 million.)

So how can this stalemate be overcome? Several sources close to the negotiations say that Fox may offer a deal in which Abdul only appears on the live shows, allowing them to offer less than she wants but decreasing her time commitment to the show.

Well, some Paula Abdul is better than no Paula Abdul.

Let us know in the comments section: Do you think Fox will ultimately cave and give in to Paula Abdul's salary demands?



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  • marc

    personnally, i won't miss her. what she says on the show is utterly useless.

  • fran

    give her the money already !! bring her back fox !! i really not watching idol without paula !! how can they give more money to ryan than paula ?? are they insane ?? love her or hate her she is the judge tthat everybody loves to talk about !! what a boring show idol will be without paula !! get rid of kara and BRING PAULA BACK FOX !!

  • Sher

    Ditto Beth

  • Beth

    If they're smart they will do whatever it takes to make her happy. I don't think they expected the media and fan uproar this has caused. Plus, word is that Simon is NOT at all happy about her leaving and he's letting them know it. When this show started nobody knew who Ryan, Simon, or Randy were. Paula was the only one with superstar in her bio. People tend to forget that. I hope for Idol's sake she's back.

  • reneelucky7

    That is what I think too. I think that this was a plot to make people watch the show more- if she leaves and then returns.

  • kenza

    She wasn't leaving in the first place. This is all made up to try to make people watch the new season. She just isn't doing the audition portion of the show, but she'll be back for the live part.

  • bringpaulabackonidol

    Paula deserves the money!!! Soon fox will come to their senses and give paula a raise! No one will watch the show otherwise if she isn't there

  • randy cowell
    randy cowell

    How does the saying go? How can we miss you if you won't go away?

  • bloodyeyes

    whoa! bloodshot eyes!

  • Betse

    Paula deserves what Ryan gets. Simon is the king, Randy is getting better......Get rid of Kara...... what a loser.

  • reneelucky7

    Are you staying or leaving? Make up your mind already!