Robsten: Ready to Get Serious?

Good news, Robsten obsessives; OK! Magazine reports that, not only are Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart still a couple, but they intend to get a lot closer during the filming of Eclipse, the third installment of the Twilight movie series.

According to a source, the two have thoroughly reconnected after months apart while filming separate movies on opposite sides of the country (The Runaways in Los Angeles for K-Stew, Remember Me in New York for Rippy), and the romantic nature of their relationship isn’t exactly a secret on the set.

“Everyone on the set approves of their pairing, because they really like both of them. And they hope that love will blossom even more during the filming of Eclipse,” says the source. “Kristen is like a different girl on set these days. She is walking around with a smile on her face all the time and when Robert walks on set she smiles even more. This is truly a young woman in love.”

Adds the source, Pattinson and Stewart “plan to explore their relationship even more while they are filming.”

Even so, don’t expect their relationship to grow to the point where they’re ready to make a public announcement.

“While they aren’t going to be hiding their relationship any longer, don’t look for them to be flaunting it either. They’re still both pretty private people,” the source says.

Well, at least as private as two of the hottest current stars on the planet, whose every move is followed by the paparazzi and their fans, can be.

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