Jon Gosselin Does Time With Cancer-Stricken Kids

Jon Gosselin Does Time With Cancer-Stricken Kids-photo

It looks like Jon Gosselin is trying to rehabilitate his tarnished image with some charity work.

Us Magazine reports that the Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad spent three hours with juvenile cancer patients at Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital in New York.

Presumably, this was meant as a treat for the kiddies.

A source tells the magazine, "Jon is trying to get involved with more kids charities. He is very into kids and being a dad is very sympathetic to the plight of less fortunate children."

Less fortunate children? Doesn't he have eight of those at home that could use his attention?

Let us know in the comments section: Do you think Jon Gosselin is sincerely interested in charity work, or is he just doing a little reputation-polishing?



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  • jimi

    I felt the same way about this. Jon is just copying Kate. She did that episode of giving back with St Jude's Hospital for cancer kids. Can't he think for himself and come up with his own cause for charity???

  • grammy

    Their family is set for life, finacially. But, a lot of $$ is going to be spent of the kid's mental health issues and/or lawyers. Run, Jon, while you can! Oh yeah, as for this picture, most men scratch themselves. They just don't have cameras hiding to snap a picture of them.

  • cweets

    what a fake fat ass gut busting jerk I would be embarrest to call him a dad he is a worthless pile of sh*t who needs to get a REAL JOB and stop going around like he is some big movie star and start supporting his kids for real I know they are rich now thanks to having 8 kids but get real Jon YOU do nothing to support your kids THEY SUPPORT YOUR FAT ASS and KATE'S IM MISS PERFECT CUZ I GOT A FREE TUMMY TUCK BECAUSE OF THE KIDS you two are a joke stop pretending you have it all cuz according to the 2 of you everything belongs to the kids and the kids wanted a 1.1mil.$ house that you bought with their money in fact everything you buy or get for yourselves is with the kids money cuz if it wasn't for your kids you two would be nobodys which I thinkyou are anyways quit living off your kids money and making them be filmed all the time which to them is normal life I guess its really sad for those 8 little kids they are growing up so fast I hope they don't turnout like their parents(if you can call them that they have so many (HELPERS its really ridiculus) I have family friends who have 13kids 6kids and 8 kids and they raised them alone I dont see the point in this show watching some of the older shows whenthe kids were smaller you could see and feel the terror in their eyes whenever Kate scolded them to stop and dont move or make a sound they have pure terror in their eyes I feel so bad for those kids they are going to be messed up you can already see it in Mady she is so mouthy and rude she hits the little kids hard and gets away with it cuz kate is to busy acting like she is a superstar and making sure she looks perfect in every frame. Why now Kate are you playing and being or trying to be the fun mom and not a control freak like we all know you are off camera stop trying to make yourself look like you are the perfect fun-loving mom that we know you are not cuz you are a horrible actor its all for the show and when the camera's are off you go back to the controlfreak mom we all know you are its to bad for the kids cuz one time they do something and its ok then they do it again w/o cameras on them and they get their butts beat. fat ass jon and fake kate give it up cuz you are not fooling anyone remember you are NOT PAID ACTORS just two people with 8kids getting everything for free using your kids enjoy all the freebies and nice cars,homes,clothes,even occ choppers for hoarding your kids in front of a camera on tv because you willpay in the end when they grow up and tell you two losers using them to f*** off! Now that I would love to have cameras in their home (AS U CALL IT) that would make for good TV!

  • Pierre

    John- I don't care if you are holding bird flu infected babies- your still a dead beat dad. Kids with cancer want to see famous athletes not your egg roll eating ass. TOUCHE

  • aimes76

    John- I don't care if you are holding bird flu infected babies- your still a dead beat dad. Kids with cancer want to see famous athletes not your egg roll eating ass. ROFLMFAO!!!

  • Jon Hater
    Jon Hater

    Too Little Too Late Jon.....

  • Jeff Von D
    Jeff Von D

    LOL!! What does it take to get this guy to go away for good??

  • reneelucky7

    John- I don't care if you are holding bird flu infected babies- your still a dead beat dad. Kids with cancer want to see famous athletes not your egg roll eating ass.

  • Unbelever

    Give me a frickin break. What a phony liar and to now use these kids. Will you ever stop Jon. If you cared so much, why weren't you doijng this before you agreed to with TLC. This is what Kate did as nurse and one of her passions. Can't you find something on your own instead of copying Kate all the time?

  • Give me a Break
    Give me a Break

    Are you serious? Is there really anyone out that that believes he cares about these kids. He doesn't even care about his own. This is all an act o try and salvage his tarnished image. Fool, don't you know we aren't buyng your false whares.