Kourtney Kardashian Considered an Abortion

Though these days she couldn’t be happier about her mother-to-be status, Kourtney Kardashian admits to People magazine that she initially had mixed feelings about her pregnancy and seriously considered terminating it.

“I definitely thought about it long and hard, about if I wanted to keep the baby or not, and I wasn’t thinking about adoption,” Kardashian reveals.

While Kardashian’s baby daddy, Scott Disick, told her, “I really want you to keep it, but I will support you whatever you decide to do,” Kardashian eventually turned to a close pal to discuss her dilemma. 

“I called my best friend crying, and I was like, ‘I don’t know what to do,'” Kardashian says. “She said, ‘Call your doctor, and at least find out the risks and stuff.'”

After consulting with her doc, Kardashian did some research on the Internet.

“I looked online, and I was sitting on the bed hysterically crying, reading these stories of people who felt so guilty from having an abortion,” Kourtney recalls. “I was reading these things of how many people are traumatized by it afterwards…I was just sitting there crying, thinking, ‘I can’t do that.’ And I felt in my body, this is meant to be. God does things for a reason, and I just felt like it was the right thing that was happening in my life.”

Despite her ultimate decision, Kardashian asserts that she support’s a woman’s right to choose—as long as some thought is put into the choice.

“I do think every woman should have the right to do what they want, but I don’t think it’s talked through enough” Kardashian says. “I can’t even tell you how many people just say, ‘Oh, get an abortion.’ Like it’s not a big deal.”

Readers, let us know in the comments section: Do you agree with Kourtney’s stance on the issue?