Leighton Meester Knows How to Set the Mood

Cobra Starship and Leighton Meester sing one of the jams of the summer, “Good Girls Go Bad,” but the band wasn’t always tight with the Gossip Girl actress.

Bassist Alex Suarez admits that he didn’t even know who she was, prior to their working together earlier this summer.

He tells Self.com, “I’ve never seen the show. Before we went to do the video shoot, I didn’t even know what she looked like until they introduced me to her.”

However, Cobra lead singer Gabe Saporta definitely knew who Leighton was. Alex reveals, “[H]e was insanely excited because he’s a huge fan and he didn’t want to geek out too hard in front of her.”

How did the bandmates get along with Leighton? Alex dished, “[S]he is so nice! She’s so friendly and professional and awesome to work with.”

Awesome to work with, but girly (as can be expected from a Gossip Girl). “She like, turned the lights down low in the studio and lit a few candles to set the mood,” he says. “I’ve never seen candles in the studio before.”

He admits that the candles were ironic, seeing as the lyrics to the song are all about getting down and dirty. “So she’s like, ‘You make me want to lose control,’ alone in the dark surrounded by vanilla and lavender, clenching her fist, just really feeling it,” Suarez says.