Michael Jackson’s Doctor Is Getting Charged With Manslaughter

Uh-oh; Dr. Conrad Murray better save up for attorneys’ fees.

Law-enforcement officials tell Fox News that Murray, who was serving as Michael Jackson’s personal physician at the time of Jackson’s death in June, will be charged with manslaughter at some time in the next two weeks.

Sources say that investigators have decided to execute one more search warrant—possibly at a Los Angeles pharmacy—to tie up their case before Murray is formally charged. A source within the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office reveals that the DA’s office is currently in talks with investigators about whether Murray will be allowed to surrender himself in Los Angeles, or whether he will be arrested in Houston, where he’s currently staying.

Law-enforcement officials believe that Murray administered a potentially lethal combination of the powerful anesthetic Propofol and several sedatives to the singer in the hours before Jackson’s death from cardiac arrest.