VIDEO: Christian Audigier Says “No Way” to Jon Gosselin Collaboration

Sorry, Jon Gosselin; despite whatever hopes you may have had, Christian Audigier is not interested in having you design a clothing line for him.

The Ed Hardy honcho recently sat down with E! Online to discuss, among other topics, the rumors that he and the Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad would be collaborating on clothes.

“I never said that I’m going to do a line with him,” Audigier clarified. “I believe that was the media talking about that.”

So why did he invite Gosselin and his new gal-pal Hailey Glassman to hang out in St. Tropez with him last month? Audigier explains that he had he had seen Gosselin talking about his need for a job on Jon & Kate Plus 8 (he’s a fan; who knew?), and decided to meet up with him to find out what kind of work Jon might be interested in.

Plus, as Audigier notes, “I like publicity. Publicity, good or bad, is always great.”

Check out the video below:

Let us know in the comments section: Now that Jon Gosselin’s designer dreams are dashed, what kind of work do you think he should go into?