Demi Lovato Takes Over the White House!

No, there hasn’t been a Disney-led coup on our federal government (yet).

But Sonny With a Chance star Demi Lovato (who turns 17 today—yay!) did get to take a special tour of the White House on Wednesday, and here are some phone pics from the visit, from Dirk Mai’s Buzznet photo page.

It seems that First Daughters Sasha and Malia Obama are huge Lovato fans and invited Demi to come by and take a special tour of their pad. (Sadly, there was no meet-up between Demi and the Obama gals).

“Just chillen’ [sic]  in the white house…. Nbd,” Demi tweeted while checking out the First Family’s digs.

Oh, that Demi. Such a kidder. Couldn’t she have helped straightened out the whole health-care-reform mess while she was there instead of goofing around?