Michael Jackson Will Be Late for His Own Funeral

Will Michael Jackson ever get buried?

The deceased King of Pop’s father, Joe Jackson, says that he doesn’t know when his son—who died on June 25—will be laid to rest.

On Monday, Papa Jackson revealed that MJ was to be buried on August 29, which would have been the singer’s 51st birthday, at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Los Angeles. But on Thursday, Jackson told TMZ that the funeral would be pushed back to August 31. 

Then, later in the day, Joe told E! Online that even that date might not even work out.

Quizzed on whether August 31 would, in fact, see the King of Pop’s burial, Joe replied, “I don’t know now. We have to figure it out.”

Why? Apparently, there is some business that the family needs to attend to before laying him to rest.

Given that the family will be paying the cost of traffic control and other police services for the funeral, maybe they’re taking up a collection.

Let us know in the comments section: Do you think Michael Jackson will be buried before Labor Day?