Octomom Takes on Kate Gosselin!

Octomom Takes on Kate Gosselin!-photo

It's the battle of the mega-moms!!!!

Entertainment Weekly reports that Nadya "Octomom" Suleman calls out Jon & Kate Plus 8 mom Kate Gosselin in her Fox special Octomom: The Incredible Unseen Footage for relying on cosmetic surgery to gussy up her post-pregnancy figure.

Clucking at the pictures of Gosselin parading around in a bikini on the beach from earlier this year, Suleman opined, "It’s so staged. She’s doing it to get people to take pictures of her… I feel like it’s cheating [to get a tummy-tuck]. It’s her choice. If she has enough money to fix herself, let her."

Then Suleman tossed out another dis, declaring, "I have a better shape, though. I'm sorry, no offense to her."

Apparently tired of attacking Gosselin's physique, Suleman then went on to find fault with Gosselin's personality.

"I'm not as attention-seeking [as Gosselin],” Suleman noted. Right. Because it's not like she's offering her opinions in a nationally televised documentary about herself or anything.

Let us know in the comments section: Who would win in a caged death match, Nadya Suleman or Kate Gosselin?



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  • Christina

    This woman really needs to shut up about the Gosselins. If someone asks her a question, then answer respectfully. Don't start bitching about them and insulting them when no one brought it up in the first place. I don't think Kate has said anything bad about Octomom. I seem to recall her saying something about how it will be very difficult for her but she wishes her the best of luck, or something. So Octomom goes and talks sh*t about Kate for that? Seriously? Ridiculous.

  • corn

    OMG! kate is such a better mom than nadya and i saw the octomom never unseen footage and nadya's little 2 year old caleb is saying bitch to other people and she doesn't do anything she laughs and talks about something else octomom can't even disclipline her own children she can't even make her kids stay in time out or eat what is for dinner so why is she talking crap about kate

  • Jimmie

    [Oh thats good

  • Jimmie

    Octomom is so jealous of kate, it was so obvious, She is so weird anyway and her true colors are showing. Do yourself and us favor and just shut up.

  • obsessed

    who gives a sh*t of either one

  • Sean

    i'd rather see nadya's tits. Oh my god, really?! Also, Kate Gosselin would DESTROY Octomom. It would last about three seconds: Kate would literally spear through Octomom's chest and emerge on the other side clutching her heart. Kate Gosselin is an AMAZON.

  • itsmelaura

    No, what's "cheating" is to get some feckless fertility doctor to implant an unnatural number of babies - that she cannot financially or physically care for as a single mum - into her belly in order to fulfil some f*cked-up dream she has of having a large family - you know, WITHOUT a partner - and to gain attention. I seriously, seriously dislike this woman. I can't really say I like Kate Gosselin, but as far as I'm concerned this Octomom woman is a ridiculous, hypocritical, selfish bitch. Not that I'm judging, or anything... ;]

  • reneelucky7

    Hey everyone- a friend of mines sent me The Octomom Game called Great Baby Rescue-it's a pretty funny. You have to take care of all of her babies- if you don't, then Octomom gets arrested and thrown in jail. Just highlight the link below and copy and paste it. http://www.y8.com/games/Octo mom_The_Great_Baby_Rescue NOTE- Since the link is split into two, remember to take the space out of Octo and mom, because this is suppost to be one word not two with a space in between them. So just make sure that it the word "Octomom " is one word, otherwise the link will not work.

  • Cori

    Hey, Nadya, at least Kate had the sense to stop at eight!

  • jake

    i'd rather see nadya's tits.

  • michelle

    oh yeah I think she is a very jealous person. why else do all she has done. and she wants to be in the spotlight and is jealous that kate is. i dont thnk she will ever be the mom kate is

  • alexandra

    she has some green on her nose.. twitter.com/MetroNY17

  • Octofatass

    f*ck Octomom is she is stupid *va jay jay*! I can't believe anyone would even watch her! And to compare herself with Kate is rather funny go back to the dog pound pudgy!

  • liraz

    i sense a jealous biatch

  • reneelucky7

    How is she going to talk about Kate getting plastic surgery when it looks like she has her booty sewed to her face?