Paula Abdul Definitely Not Getting Idol-ized

Sorry, Paula Abdul fans; despite all of our deepest hopes, it appears that Abdul most certainly won’t be returning to her throne as American Idol’s most entertaining judge.

While earlier reports hinted that Fox and Abdul were working toward an agreement to get her back on the show, the New York Post says that it ain’t gonna happen.

“She was a pain in the butt to deal with in terms of getting her to show up to different cities on time,” a source tells the paper. “That was a hang-up. And they tried offering less money to just have her appear for the live finals in L.A., but negotiations broke down.”

Meanwhile, Abdul’s manager, David Sonenberg, asserts that there haven’t been any discussions about bringing her back on the show, telling the Los Angeles Times that there have been “no discussions whatsoever about Idol.” In fact, he goes on, he and his client are avoiding contact with Fox—which carries American Idol—altogether, in favor of entertaining offers from other networks.

“She loves Idol. She feels she was a large part of the reason it is what it is,” Sonenberg says. “I can tell you her focus right now is speaking to all the other networks. The only one we haven’t talked to, because of recent events, is Fox.”

Still, he notes, “perhaps we would be speaking to Fox about shows in the near future.”

Let us know in the comments section: With American Idol off the table, what should Paula Abdul’s next career move be?