VIDEO: Ashley Tisdale On America's Got Talent

VIDEO: Ashley Tisdale On America's Got Talent-photo

Ashley Tisdale showed off her vocals and smokin' hot body at last night's episode of America's Got Talent.

The 24-year-old sang her hit single "It's Alright, It's OK," for the judges and absolutely rocked it.

She tweeted after the show, "Had so much fun on AGT!!! My band is pretty amazing. you all rocked it tonight."

Have your say in the comments section: Does Ashley "got" talent or what?



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  • afdsbvhkmbf

    i think she was good but the backup singer Th girl was so much better !

  • iliana

    she ising realy good and i love her and her new album because ashley is prefect and she dont deserve that comments.and she does not lipsycning and if you dont believe go to you tube and heard its alright its ok and you gonna see the diffrent.she did a great job

  • lili

    She's lip Synching!!!She's too crap to perform it live. Go to youtube and put ashley tisdale at the grove, she actually sang live and she was pretty good.

  • Nadia

    she was amazing! all you haters should shut up! like you could do any better! she's an amazing singer, actress, producer, and model. you guys suck for saying she sucks.

  • Me

    Yuck.. HIT single??? WOW'D the Judges??? America does need hearing aids

  • miss HND
    miss HND

    Leave her alone. She is still young , like you all can sing.


    She is very talented , her voice is amazing. Her two albums are amazing. But her voice is in strong songs are a bit weak. even though i like her. She has to practice more. And it is her first pop rock song so give her a break.

  • prick

    it would be hilarious if piers pressed the X during her singing

  • Tom

    I LOVE the fact she was wearing pantyhose. It's nice to see young Hollywood wearing pantyhose again.

  • obsessed

    she was horrible. she can't sing for sh*t. not that she can act either, she sucks

  • maaaaaaaaaan

    omfg her voice is so annoying and horbell

  • ames

    MEH, did her CD rly flop? I think i'm gonna check that out. but still, MEH

  • sam

    HIT single ?? lol no offence but her first single iaio Flopped just like her CD (big time)

  • Charlotte

    She's lip Synching!!! She's too crap to perform it live.

  • SYC_97

    I think you guys are so wrong because her voice is a lot better than many singers and she is such a good actress! You guys should feel ashamed of yourself. She dosent deserve this. And as for having 'no talent' she is WAY better than Ali Lohan!

  • emily

    i liked her in the beggining

  • ira

    She is very talented! And sings very well!! You're just jelaous, guys)

  • elle

    she sucks at both. she has no talent. hollywood trash

  • s.a.s girl#1
    s.a.s girl#1

    i think she should just stick with acting,although i like her music i just think shes better at acting

  • kenza

    That was horrible.

  • reneelucky7

    America must need hearing aids because Ashley can't sing

  • gigi

    i guess