Hayden Panettiere Has a New Man

Hayden Panettiere Has a New Man-photo

Sorry, gentlemen; it appears that Hayden Panettiere is once again off the market.

The New York Post reports that the Heroes cheerleader has landed herself a new guy, in the form of restaurateur Harry Morton.

Panettiere—who was most recently linked with British TV host Steve Jones—and Morton—who owns Pink Taco and is the son of Hard Rock Cafe honcho Peter Morton—enjoyed a romantic dinner at Madeo in Los Angeles on Monday, and were spied at the beach in Malibu together on Wednesday.

Hope Morton is prepared, because to hear Hayden tell it, he's in for a wild, naked time.

Let us know in the comments section: How long do you give Hayden Panettiere's latest relationship?

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  • nonya bidness
    nonya bidness

    It's really funny how the media makes up bullsh*t stories about celebs just to make copy. The story was that she was in Malibu and met with this guy, but I'm sorry to inform you media idiots, she was in NYC for her birthday. Get your facts straight and stop making up BS to make a newsworthy story. A. She wouldn't date that skank Lohan's ex. B. She was nowhere near Malibu. So on a scale of 1/10, I rate this story an EPIC FAIL

  • anon

    isn't this the guy who dated lindsay lohan for a while?