Jon Gosselin Is a VIP, Y'all

Jon Gosselin Is a VIP, Y'all-photo

Good thing Jon Gosselin doesn't have to worry much about work these days, because his social calendar is chock-full.

Life & Style reports that the Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad enjoyed the VIP treatment at the Foxwoods Resort Casino in Mashantucket, Connecticut, on August 18, complete with his own VIP table and copious amounts of top-shelf vodka.

Oh, and judging from the pic, Big Daddy J-Goss—who attended sans girlfriend Hailey Glassman—had no shortage of female companionship.

This man is a love MACHINE!

"Jon went to Scorpion Bar and Shrine, where he ordered bottles of Grey Goose. He only allowed girls over to his table the whole night, and there were a lot of them," snitches an eyewitness.

The witness continues, "t's a very sexy, dark kind of nightclub after 11 o'clock. It's Asian-themed, so there's a lot red and couches everywhere. He had a blast."

We bet he did!

Let us know in the comments section: What would you give to trade places with Jon Gosselin, just for a day?



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  • lilikindsli

    5VStZg I want to say - thank you for this!

  • Davide

    needed here

  • saron

    i think its about time to end this jon and kate i mean how did they get here the kids thats how get a 9 to 5 job jon and kate and stop using your kids for the money saron

  • ali

    yes i agree but when you get money using your kids you can do anything

  • ali

    He looks kinda shiny and greasy, and what's that thing in his earlobe? ewwwww

  • ali

    i think its about time to end this show i mean they are not stars this is truely stupid the rathings have gone down who cares abouth them anyway i am just so sick of them seeing them on the news and all the the other shows they need tlc end this show if for anything the kids they are making and using the kids for money end it now i myself need to see them really work for the money 9 to 5 thats what is all about save the kids

  • sara

    He looks kinda shiny and greasy, and what's that thing in his earlobe? ewwwww

  • Tilly

    Leave Jon alone...he's blowing off steam after being abused for 10 years by a crazed witch. He'll settle down.

  • guest28

    I can't believe the Idiotic women who would have anything to do with him. And there seems to be no end of them !

  • Disgused

    His children will hate him some day, acting like this before him and their Mom are divorced. I know Mady and Cara are already seeing these things in the tabloids, and even called Kate when Jon was getting too close to the *barmaid" babysitter. he is a disgrace to fatherhood!

  • Shannonmomma

    if we would quit talking about him he might go away! but we all know thats not goin to happen... we are so wrapped up in them as a whole... its bad really bad for the kids and what there going through all in the public's eye and if they don't get some kind of help... who know's...i pray for the kids... Jon & Kate on the other hand STOP BEING SO SELF CENTERED... you have 8 children stop it an GROW UP!!!!!

  • Michelle

    He just disgusts me. I used to feel sorry for him but he's going crazy now. He's an old, fat, orange Dad of 8 kids gone Lohan/Spears out of his mind.

  • Shell

    Omg... I generally don't follow stories like this... however It just so happens that I watched the show Jon and Kate Plus 8, so..... I have been following this story. I used to feel sorry for Jon ( the big fat slob) on the show... I thought that Kate totally dominated him... now it seems there was a reason for her behavior toward him. She HAD to treat him like a child, because he IS a child. I have NEVER commented on a story that I have read on the internet before. This story made me so enraged, that I felt I needed to. Jon is an ugly, overweight, user that is living off of the money that his children have made for him. He is constantly in the news for spending money on trips, girls, $600 shoes etc... and NEVER with concern for his children. Why does any woman even give him the time of the day? A year from now, I predict that he will be broke and trying to sponge off of some college girl or living in a crack house..... Those poor kids... This story made me want to call Kate Gosselin on the phone and tell her that she should thank her lucky stars she got rid of that scum bag when she did... GO KATE

  • Hope

    I don't drink, cheat, or stay away from my family. Life is good!!!

  • Cherrri

    Disgusting, filthy idiot! Who are these women who think he is so hot? Really, I am completely dazed and confused as to why any women would find him attractive. There is only one logical explanation: fame and money. What people will pretend to get it.

  • noah

    Jon Gosselin is my hero for disproving the commonly held notion that if you spawn 8 children you have to be somewhat involved in their day-to-day lives. No, apparently you can just run around the country with marginally attractive women, drinking copious amounts of alcohol and wearing really awesome Ed Hardy gear. For that, Sir, I salute you.