Lindsay Lohan Cries About Her Phone, Forgets Her Bra While Doing So

Lindsay Lohan Cries About Her Phone, Forgets Her Bra While Doing So-photo

We've definitely been missing Lindsay Lohan's ridiculous antics, and yesterday in NYC she definitely didn't disappoint.

TMZ reports that Lindsay and a few pals were chilling at Mott Corner Deli, and upon exiting, the Machete star realized she had left her phone inside the restaurant. When she returned to collect her beloved phone, the deli worker told that he had to watch the security cameras in order to verify her story.

This was way too much for Lindsay to handle. So, she did what any normal 23-year-old would do. She called the cops!

The NYPD finally arrived to settle the super-important situation, but by then, the employee and LiLo had worked it all out.

The best part? The worker had no idea who she was! Love it.

We would have loved to see some of the secrets she has in that phone. (By "secrets," we mean "hilarious texts to Samantha Ronson.") Oh well...

Check out the newest pictures of Lindsay in NYC yesterday. Please, share your thoughts below.



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  • reneelucky7

    I would be upset if I lost my phone too- because it cost me $500. If Lindsay have a brain in her head, she would get some kind of insurance on her phone. Problem solved.

  • jen

    urk! gorilla much??

  • ames

    honestly, she is one of the strangest people i have ever heard of. she is sooooo weird

  • liraz

    for someone who has money that's not the way to dress. she looks poorer than the average person walking on the street. so sad.


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