Megan Fox To Host Saturday Night Live

Megan Fox To Host Saturday Night Live-photo

Time for Megan Fox to prove that she's not just a pretty face!

The Transformers hottie is set to host the season premiere of Saturday Night Live on September 26th, just a week after her bloody new flick, Jennifer's Body, opens.

An insider tells Life & Style, "Megan is psyched to have gotten this opportunity. She has a lot of surprises in store for the audience. This is the perfect opportunity for her to show off her comedic skills."

The source adds that the actress has been working on her comedic skills by doing a digital short with SNL comedian Andy Samberg.

Oh, we just can't wait.

Have your say in the comment section: Do you think Megan Fox will be a good host for SNL? Dish your opinion below.



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  • Pharma573

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  • ele

    She`s a really nice person,in all her interviews she´s funny!!.Let´s wait...

  • rgs1504

    I don't really like her but she can make you laugh if you don't believe me look for her in the tv show of Hope and Faith!

  • MayB

    Is she can pull it off it would be awesome.

  • Fellipe Brazil
    Fellipe Brazil

    Essa é gostosa pa carai!!! ahhhh se eu pegasse!! lenda até não ter mais onde!

  • Biia

    People saying it will be a disaster just DONT KNOW HER! She's very funny! I mean, i saw a LOT of videos of her (A lil' obsessed? Maybe...) and in 75% of then she was funny! GoGo Megan!!

  • Dick

    less makeup thanks, otherwise she's hot (not counting those silly tattoos) & wouldn't mind to stick it in her.

  • g6

    I think it will be great! lets see how it works out. i think she is amazing! and has a good sense of humour

  • ka2v

    Hey! It's really nice topic. I think she is botox woman. Thanks for sharing! Kavi ------- FTP

  • s

    Oh my god !! disaster

  • K

    She is botox woman = FAKE

  • kenza

    This can either go amazingly well or be a disaster. We'll see.

  • yomama

    fake ass bitch