Michael Jackson Movie: New Details

As the Michael Jackson documentary This Is It moves ever-closer to a theatrical release, Deadline Hollywood Daily has new details on the film, which will chronicle the deceased singer’s rehearsals for his planned string of comeback concerts at London’s O2 Arena.

Contrary to earlier reports, the film will hit theaters on Wednesday, October 28, instead of October 30. The movie will be limited to a two-week global theatrical run, with tickets going on sale in most cities on September 27th.

As for the actual production of the movie, Sony Pictures Entertainment announced on Thursday that the film is being directed by Kenny Ortega, who helmed the High School Musical franchise and, more relevantly, was Jackson’s creative partner for the This Is It concert.

“This film is Michael’s gift to his fans,” Ortega says in Sony’s press release. “As we began assembling the footage for the motion picture we realized we captured something extraordinary, unique and very special. It’s a very private, exclusive look into a creative genius’s world. For the first time ever, fans will see Michael as they have never seen him before—this great artist at work. It is raw, emotional, moving and powerful footage that captures his interactions with the This Is It collaborators that he had personally assembled for this once in a lifetime project.”

Ortega adds,” This Is It may go down as the greatest concert that no one got a chance to see, but with this film, we get a rare portrait of Michael as he prepares for his final curtain call and what I believe was going to be his master work.”

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