PHOTO GALLERY: Eclipse's Dakota, Xavier & Ashley in Vancouver

We just can't get enough of these Twilight kids.

Yesterday, three of the castmates were spotted out and about while on a break from filming.

Dakota Fanning did some shopping around with her mother, while the newest hottie added to the cast, australian actor Xavier Samuel strolled the streets as he warmed up with a hot cup of coffee. Ashley Greene took her adorable dog to Barking Babies to stock up on pet supplies.

Check out our super-new gallery of Dakota, Xavier, and Ashley roaming the streets of Vancouver. Share your thoughts below!



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  • i

    ahhh so hottt n cute!!

  • pam

    It`s not fair they are already shooting eclipse and we didn`t see new moon yet.

  • mrsamypattinson

    she is wearing an engagement ring?!?! x

  • cath

    [quote=from turkey]vanessa must in eclipse too I mean to SAY, a stupid thing to say

  • cath

    YUCK! Remember sweetie, you are not 25! What a stupid thing to see. She's a young lady! not a child.

  • from turkey
    from turkey

    vanessa must in eclipse too

  • kristenfierce

    I luv Dakota's Maturity

  • twilighter001

    she was going to buy supplies for her doggy :) She looks different for some reason but i dont know how LOOOL

  • dorota klaudia
    dorota klaudia

    where are pictures of ROB and KRISTEN in Vancouver?! or even Taylor...?

  • nia

    hello !!!!!!!!!!!watch out robert, maybe you are going to have a break with the fans and the paps, with this cuttie around.

  • just saying...
    just saying...


  • ooh

    she's always shopping or walking around the town. Or with vanessa hudgens or with her eclipse castmates or herself. Great Life !!

  • X

    Can we get some more pics of this man, please!?! He's adorable.

  • marcel

    god how many pictures do you need of one person,f*ckin losers!!

  • just saying...
    just saying...

    aren't they supposed to be shooting the movie instead of shopping or hang out around Vancoucer ???

  • get over it
    get over it

    Oh get over it!

  • yikes

    she's cute and all, but isn't alice supposed to be like the tiniest pixiest girl? because ashley greene is kinda butch.....she's definately not smaller than kristen stewart....and alice is supposedly shorter and tinier than bella.....just saying....

  • hioeu

    she looks awesome who cares if she's 15 or 25!!

  • Anna

    YUCK! Remember sweetie, you are not 25!

  • Jane

    I can't wait to see Dakota as Jane, like every role she does I think she's gonna rock it!

  • obsessed

    i love dakota's outfit