Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush Head Closer to a Reunion

It certainly seems like Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush are planning to reunite, after breaking up in July.

Earlier this week we reported that the reality-TV goddess and the New Orleans Saint had spent a lot of quality time together when Kim visited New Orleans over the weekend.

Now it looks like they’re going to be spending a LOT MORE time together.

A source tells Fox News that, since spending quality time in New Orleans together,  “Kim has shifted her schedule for the next three weeks so they can be together, in New Orleans. Reggie is training, and Kim will stay in the house he asked her to move into before they broke up. Reggie is doing his best to convince Kim to give him another shot. They spent last weekend together, holed up at his house, only going out publicly to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse on Monday. Kim had a hotel room, but she hardly stayed in it.”

Still, it’s far from clear sailing toward a reunion, and both Kim and Reggie will have to meet somewhere in the middle to make things work, the source adds.

“Kim travels constantly and is not ready to tie herself down for the six months of football season, but they are talking and working on compromise,” the insider continues. “Kim will have to bend a little, but Reggie wants her back, so he’ll probably concede the most. Kim still has strong feelings for Reggie‚ there is a lot of love still between them.”

Let us know in the comments section: Do you think Kim and Reggie will be able to put aside their differences and make their relationship work this time?