VIDEO: Demi Lovato Disses Trace Cyrus

Oh, you are a catty one, Demi Lovato.

During her soundcheck for her concert in Fairfax, Virginia, on Thursday, the Here We Go Again songstress took a not-so-thinly veiled swipe at her ex-boyfriend, Trace Cyrus.

While singing “Every Time You Lie,” Lovato switched the line, “How long’s it gonna take until you see that she’s no me” to “How long’s it gonna take until you see she looks like me”—a fairly obvious reference to Trace’s recent steamy date with a Demi doppelganger.

Ooh, burn! Can she please, please do a Trace Cyrus dis remix of the song?

This comes just days after she made it abundantly clear that she’s totally over Cyrus during a radio interview in Detroit.

Let us know in the comments section: Does Trace deserve all the grief he’s been getting from his ex lately?