VIDEO: Taylor Swift Gives Fans a Pizza Herself

VIDEO: Taylor Swift Gives Fans a Pizza Herself-photo

If this whole music thing doesn't work out for Taylor Swift, she might have a very promising second career—as a pizza-delivery girl.

The British edition of OK! Magazine reports that the Fearless songbird treated fans outside her hotel in London on Friday to take-out pizza, which she served to them herself.

The 19-year-old also served up cookies and milk to her admirers, before signing autographs for them. Swift is scheduled to perform at the V Festival in Chelmsford this weekend.

Check out video of T-Swift serving up the hot slices below:

Let us know in the comments section: Is Taylor Swift one classy dame, or what?



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  • Preferred Seats
    Preferred Seats

    Taylor has STAYED the same classy girl since her success.

  • jay

    Of course it's for publicity. But, she didn't have to waste her time doing that. So it's a pretty nice gesture.

  • Hope-equally

    seriously!! Loo this is nice and i'm not saying its not but didnt Anne Hathaway just do this and no offense again but.. maybe this is just for uhh i dont know PUBLICITY!! Sorry but it just doesnt seem like real.

  • obsessed

    wht the hell is tht !

  • Hope

    What an awesome person she is. I love her so much.