PHOTO GALLERY: Nick Jonas Talks Diabetes

Are all 16-year-olds this mature?

Nick Jonas was dressed to the nines this morning at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, where he spoke about living with and managing his juvenile diabetes.

Another thing on his agenda? “I’ve always said that I would like to be president,” the singer told CNN White House Correspondent Suzanne Malveaux. “It’s kind of my whole thing.” 

When? "Maybe 2040," he replied.

Check out Mr. Jonas in Washington and let us know in the comments: Would Nick Jonas make a hot president, or what?



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  • molly

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  • molly


  • bente

    I love this picture. ('ll)

  • bente

    I agree with you Rebecca, =)

  • rebecca

    he is so cute as a bizness man. Well, he's cute all the time :)

  • germanxxannie

    man he SO looks like kevin on this pic. there're only the sideburns and stronger eyebrows missing

  • gabi

    I love the jonas can not live without them and the nick ta so beautiful in this picture

  • aizawest1
  • gothic


  • Anni

    He would be a good president. He's only 16 and he's soo much more mature than any other guy at his age and he really cares about things. Besides, he just looks freakingly hot in a suit

  • iloveNELENA :)
    iloveNELENA :)

    i hope he can be the president and the first lady will be Selena :) NELENA FOREVER

  • teehee

    Wooooooow :)

  • carmann

    omg he is just gorgeous !

  • jennifer

    LOSER your show jonas is not tht bad but u need to be more funnier in the show your the only one who isnt that fun ur always srs

  • xavier

    i admit i was wrong about all of those jonas atleast he cares about an important issue and dosen't act like a 16 year old i hope he continue to fight for a cure or solution for all tipes of diabetes and if he runs for president in 040 i think he should find a first lady well he got three choices demi,miley or selena ha i guess we have to wait for 040.

  • obsessed

    no, he would not be a hot president~!