VIDEO: Meet the Winner of Whitney Port's JCPenney Shopping Spree Contest

VIDEO: Meet the Winner of Whitney Port's JCPenney Shopping Spree Contest-photo

A couple weeks ago we posted about this awesome contest on Whitney Port’s site. The winner of the contest was a very inspirational teen from Oak Forest, Illinois. She started a program called “Chinelas” (which means slippers in Spanish) to give out slippers to orphans in the Philippines. She is such a great example to all the teens out there who are motivated to make an impact. In this exclusive video it looks like Whitney and Mary Ann, the contest winner, had a great time shopping together! Mary Ann was extremely excited to meet Whitney and even though she was nervous, Whitney was able to make her comfortable and have some fun.



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  • offman

    Yo, Jen, you're the biggest f-king idiot. She calls her charity chinelas, which is a Spanish word for sandals. She found out that most kids didn't have SHOES in these small villages in the Philippines, so she sends them flip flops, which for TROPICAL weather is a pretty convenient thing to have. So, incidentally, she is sending them SHOES, c-nt! xoxoxo

  • Anon

    i think she was really nice to run that whole charity thing :) atleast she's giving something atleast :P + whitney seems like such a sweetheart!

  • reneelucky7

    The winner looks like she can afford her own clothes- why not pick a girl that is poor or comes from a broken home? And a note to the winner- Orphans don't need shoes, they need food, shelter and parents that will love them you idiot.

  • noah

    Either Whitney is a GIANT or that winner is 3'4" - she should be careful that she isn't kidnapped and sold to the circus.

  • Jen

    Slippers!? Because every orphan in a tropical environment needs a nice pair of slippers....? Don't get me wrong, it's more charitable work than I've done, but damn, why don't you give them something useful, like shoes!