Boo Boo Stewart’s Sister Has the Hots for Taylor Lautner

Boo Boo Stewart’s big sister can’t wait to visit him on the Twilight set—but it isn’t because of any pride that she might have in her little bro’s accomplishments.

Stewart—who was recently cast as Seth Clearwater in the Twilight sequel Eclipse—tells E! Online, “My sister just wants to come on set so she can see Taylor Lautner with his shirt off.”

Ouch! Not that we can blame her or anything, but can’t she at least pretend that she’s interested in her sibling’s career?

Luckily, Stewart may end up profiting from his sister’s lust for the dude who plays Jacob Black.

“She has to clean my room first if she wants to see him,” Stewart says.

Sounds like a more than fair bargain to us.

Let us know in the comments section: What would you do to meet face-to-face with a shirtless Taylor Lautner?