Chris Brown Gets Six Months Community Labor, Five Years Probation

Chris Brown Gets Six Months Community Labor, Five Years Probation-photo

Singer Chris Brown was sentenced to six months community labor on Tuesday, after pleading guilty to beating his ex-girlfriend Rihanna earlier this year, TMZ reports.

Judge Patricia Schnegg further placed Brown on five years felony probation, during which time he must obey all laws.  Brown will be allowed to serve his sentence in his home state of Virginia, as he wished, but must keep in touch with the Probation Department and is subject to search and seizure during his probation period. He is also prohibited from owning dangerous weapons such as gunsor knives for the next five years.

The judge has also issued a protective order banning Brown from harassing, assaulting or threatening Rihanna. The order deems that Brown must stay 100 yards away from her at all times, unless there is an entertainment-related event they are both obligated to attend, in which case he must remain 10 yards away.

Brown is also ordered to pay $2,500 in restitution, $2,500 in probation fees, and $400 to a domestic violence fund. 

According to Brown's lawyer, Mark Geragos, Brown will be serving his community service with Commonwealth Catholic Charities, where he will also attend a 52-week domestic-violence program.

Let us know in the comments section: Do you think this is adequate punishment for Chris Brown?



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  • justin

    chris rihanna is a f*cked up chick look @ what she have put u throuh

  • Lupita Lucio
    Lupita Lucio

    I can say that it is not fair that all he gets is a few crimes away with sentenced to six months community labor that is not good enough but it is good that he cant get close to her for 100 yrds.That is something good.But it is not right to hit a girl an espeacials his ex girl now.

  • noah

    Can we take a step back from discussing the criminal & moral implications of this story and just notice the RIDICULOUS haircut Chris Brown was sporting in court.

  • Jenny

    Chris Brown has been found guilty of his charges and will began to serve his probation, he never denied abusing Rhianna, that's more than I can say for some other know abusers in Hollywood, naming a few, Christian Bale, Christian Slater, Gene Simmons, Terrance Howard, Joan Crawford, Namoi Campbell, Josh Brolin,Eminem,Tanya Harding, Evel Knievel,Harry Morgan,Tracy Lawrence,David Hasselhoff, I could go on and on with so... many names, not just actor's and actress but, many singers, yet I never seen a youngman's name drag thru the media like I see his, how many times was James browns mugshot plaster across the internet in the beating of his wife, yet he never indured what Chris Brown has, are we double standard or what? Brittney Spears was the worst mother a year ago, yet today she is forever on the front of Star, people etc. with her children playing the loving mother, Michael Phelps is back on doing doing commericals, Subway, Now... the only thing I have noticed is that... Robert Downey Jr. Heath Ledger and a lot more known drug abusers continue on with their careers, Robert being fired from Ally McBeal for his drug use yet, went on last year to start in one of our children's favorite movie, Ironman, oh don't forget Terrance Howard a woman abuser also appeared in one of the Iroman's movie, my point is, what's the difference, crime is crime, it shouldn't be that because you abuse a woman that is worst than drugs, should we teach our children not to abuse women but... smoke dope and you can win Oscar's and Gold Medals.... Everyone should be treated the same in a crime, it's wrong to abuse women,men, children and animals... If we can allow child rapist to return to Hollywood aftering leaving the USA so he didn't have to face charges ( Roman Polanski) and hollywood open there arms to him, why can't this youngman be given a second chance, isn't that what happened to some of the names mention above, second chance!


    You would. Domestically violent and abusive men prey on stupid women like you who think beating the sh*t out of a defenseless woman is forgivable. I guess you think she had it coming too? i never said it was ok 2 beat a woman i said ppl should forgive him and get passed the situation i mean he's getting help for wat he's done unlike some men. and like i said love u CHRIS BROWN. AND I COULD NEVER BE STUPID PLUS U DONT KNO WAT HAPPENED IN DAT CAR AND NIETHER DO I. I'LL FORGIVE HIM HE WENT THROUGH IT IN HIS CHILD HOOD AND MADE A MISTAKE AND REPEATED WAT HE SAW AND NOW HE'S GETTING HELP.

  • Jen

    You would. Domestically violent and abusive men prey on stupid women like you who think beating the sh*t out of a defenseless woman is forgivable. I guess you think she had it coming too?


    Leave him alone he made a mistake get past it and move on and stop with all the negativity everybody makes mistakes and learns from them just forgive him and let him and rihanna move on with their life. thats y i dont c y they continue to post on blogs sites about dis situation it doesn't do anything. I love chris hope he makes a good comeback and he still has a career!!! LOVE ALWAYS CHRIS XOXOXO & if u diagree with wat i said WHO GIVES A f*ck LMAO!!!! LOVE U CHRIS BREEZY

  • Stephanie

    wow. someone can beat up another person and everything is yippy skippy. "Chris Brown can finally put this embarrassing fiasco behind him..." well let's see. he created this embarassing fiasco so he should have to face it for longer than a few hours of communit service. rihanna has to live with it forever.