Jon Gosselin Really Wants a Job

Jon Gosselin Really Wants a Job-photo

As if the job market isn't tight enough these days, now Jon Gosselin wants to throw his hat into the ring.

Us Magazine reports that the Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad has grown weary of his reality-TV star status, and yearns to join the button-down world of daily drudgery.

"I wish I had a 9 to 5 job instead of the nightmare I'm living. This is 24/7," Gosselin whines. "I don't even want to do taping for the show anymore."

Of course, the starting salary would have to be pretty competitive, as the guy has expenses.

"I have two houses and eight children to take care of and I need to work," Gosselin says.

Good luck on the job search, but whatever you do, Jon, don't bother sending your résumé to Ed Hardy honcho Christian Audigier. Because he's not having any of it.

Let us know in the comments section: What line of work do you think Jon Gosselin is best suited for?



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  • teresa

    You can't handle a job. And no one works 9-5!!! It's 8 -5 or more likely 7 -8 now as we all try to hold on to our jobs. Get a Job. I think they're hiring soda JERKS at the mall.

  • angeliz

    ur a such a terrible dad !!!!!

  • obsessed

    horrible dad

  • reneelucky7

    Here's a job for you John, watch your damn kids. Looks like their in the background playing with rusty nails.