PHOTO GALLERY: Chace Crawford does ‘Interview’

Check out Chace Crawford in the new issue of Interview magazine.

The Gossip Girl hottie pays homage to Viggo Mortensen’s character Nikolai in the 2007 crime drama Eastern Promises.

“That’s what was nice about doing a shoot like the one I did for Interview. It’s good to switch things up. I did all of this stuff early, and they always wanted the same thing, the same look, the same deal, and I’d think, That’s not what it’s about. It’s the same microcosm for taking on film roles. You have to be realistic with yourself as to what your range is going to be. I look at the veterans of the game and what choices they made. You need to know what your threshold is and what you can take on and what gets to a point where the audience doesn’t believe it.”

Wow, hot and interesting? He’s a keeper! Check out the hot new pics of Chace right here!